World Congress 2022 – Barcelona, Spain

World Congress 2022 – Barcelona, Spain


Date: 16th / 19th NOVEMBER 2022


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Wednesday, 16th Nov. 2022

Christine Denis: Opening Speech


Thursday, 17th Nov. 2022

Session 01:

Nicolas Lavielle: The physics of sterilization

Sandoval Barbosa Rodrigues: Performance evaluation of chemical, biological and physical indicators in the process of sterilization…

Nathan Ronsse: Low temperatur steam formaldehyde sterilization

Session 02:

Rodolphe C. Hervé: Endoscopy in the 21st century

Michael Beekes: Alpha-Synuclein Seeds of Parkinson´s Disease…

Session 03:

Kaumudi Kulkarni & Mary Ann Drosnock: Validation of a Cleaning Verification Test for Lumened Medical Devices

Frank Daniels: To Borescope Or Not To Borescope

Klaus Roth: Cleaning of robotic instruments: Can we reduce the work load in the CSSD and improve patient safety?

Session 04:

Matthias Buhmann: New insights into chemical passivation of stainless surgical steel…

Mathias Tschoerner: Methods for the decontamination of process chemical residues…

Karen Seekamp-Schnieder: Statistical evaluation of protein levels of test objects…


Friday, 18th Nov. 2022

Session 05:

Annette Rittich: Duodenoscope Reprocessing and Verification of Interdependencies in Clinical Settings

Lionel Pineau: Endoscope reprocessing: Retrospective analysis of 90311 samples

William Leiva: Assessment of novel antimicrobial material to prevent biofilm formation…

Session 06:

Anke van Rosmalen: Implementing an evidence based parametric load release for steam sterilisation in practice

Sandra Patricia Rodríguez Bonilla: Effectiveness of disinfection and sterilization in laparoscopes and arthroscopes

Francesco Tessarolo: Monitoring steam penetration in channeled instruments…

Session 07:

François Barbier: Individual surgical instrument traceability…

Youngsook IM: Improvement of management efficiency by verifying the expiration date of sterilized products

Olivier Willieme: Modeling a tool for planning a new CSSD


Saturday, 19th Nov. 2022

Session 08:

Dayane de Melo Costa: Contamination and surface damage on reprocessed robotic system surgical instruments in clinical use

Terra Kremer: The Impact of Time and Environmental Conditions on Contaminated Instrumentation

Sulisti Holmes: Investigation of the Release of Particles During Phacoemulsification Procedures

Session 09:

Mayra Samara Ordoñez Díaz: Sustainable development in sterilization departments: A first approach

Mercedes García Haro: Safety within the RUMED Debunking myths (Spanish)