World Congress 2023 – Bruxelles, Belgium

World Congress 2023 – Bruxelles, Belgium


18th – 21st of OCTOBER 2023

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Paul Vanabelle: Revolutionizing Hospital Sterilization: Harnessing AI, Industrial Insights and Digital Transformation

Anita Cassell: The Power of Automation and Stateof-the-Art Technology to Promote Staff Safety & Efficiency

Niamh McGrath: Safety, cost and environmental impact of reprocessing single use medical devices (SUDs)

Lionel Pineau: Comparison of endoscope sampling and culturing methods

Martina Pinilla Reija: Automation to battle current endoscope reprocessing issues & missing field knowledge

Corinne Riekwel, Bart van Straten, Tim Horeman & Joost van der Sijp: Circular Economy Strategies to reduce Medical Waste Streams

Matthias Tschoerner: Hygiene safety and resource savings in automated cleaning – A contradiction?

Mads Granlie: Surgical Instrument Tray Optimization and Standardization at AUH

Mireille Ferlita: Reprocessing Dental Handpieces: A Hope for all and dental Practices?

Hannah Siwe: Evaluation of a UV-C LED device for disinfection of medical instruments

Christophe Lambert: Influence of sodium bicarbonate pre-treatment on final cleaning performance in a washer-disinfector

Randal Eveland: Hospital Sterilization of 3D printed devices

Hugh O’Connor: Global Warming of PCDs

Xin Zhao: A Study of Establishment and Evaluation of a Risk Prediction Model for Steam Sterilization

Jolanda Buijs and Jolyn van der Beek: Agreement on standardised, automated and global sharing of CSSD information

Richard Bancroft: Global Medical Device Standards & Their Acceptability for Regulatory Purposes

Philippe Destrez: ISO 22441 standard for validation of the H2O2 sterilizers explained

Cheron Rojo: Findings of an Internal Auditing Study of Insulation Testing Practices to Improve Healthcare Facility Testing Practices and Patient Outcomes

David De Baets: Surgical Instrument Traceability in Sterilization: Legal Obligation vs Necessity?

Chan Kyuong Park: Patients safety through the development of surgical instruments tracking system with RFID technology

Hamid Zare: Sterilization Risk Management in developing countries

Livia Sentes Zuniga: The Development of the Sterile Processing Profession through the years in Mexico and Latin America

Roel Beltran Castillo: Mental Health in the department: Lessons Learned from the pandemic

Bart Debeir: BEFAST EMT initiative

Ali Hachem: CSSD and Disaster