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ASDS (Belgrade, Serbia): Letter of commitment

VSZ – ASTER (Brussels, Belgium): Letter of commitment

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A Spanish Version of  the WFHSS guidelines is available at 




Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

The WFHSS Executive Committee is pleased to put the WFHSS Guidelines at your disposal.
They have been written for all the professionals working directly or indirectly in the field of the reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices (RMD) used in health care facilities.

They are the result of a consensus from a review of national practices, standards, regulations.
They are intended to provide guidance and the state of the art recommendations from an academic world society focused on science but their purpose is not to supersede local regulations, standards or guidelines.
They will be updated regularly to follow the evolution of the science and the evolution of the RMD as well as technologies.

Your feedback is essential to contribute to the improvement of the Guidelines, feel free to use the form to send your comments or suggestions.

We wish you interesting reading!

On behalf of the Executive Committee

Dr Christine DENIS

WFHSS President

Dear colleagues!
In these uncertain times during this COVID-19 crises we would like to express our respect for all our colleagues that work in the CSSD (RUMED) departments all over the world.
We support you very much that you make sure that all our patients are safe and our co-workers in the hospitals are able to do their jobs in the safest way possible. We realize that these times will ask sacrifices and sometimes drastic decisions and that temporariliy changes in the way we work might be necessary! Good Luck! The Executive Committee of the WFHSS