Borer Chemie AG is a leading supplier of products and technologies for cleaning and disinfection. We develop, produce and market internationally known brand products and proven processes for professional applications in hospital hygiene, industry, laboratories and pharmaceutical sector.

Cleaning prior to coating, ophthalmic glass cleaning, flat panel display cleaning, laboratory glassware cleaning and instrument reprocessing are niches, in which Borer Chemie AG is successfully positioned. Services like cleaning validation and chemical analyses are further examples for the offered assistance by Borer Chemie AG.




Brands:deconex®, decosept®, finicalc®, glisseal®

Sales:worldwide, plus on-site support

Certification:ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003

Environment:Member of the International ResponsibleCare® initiative

Borer Chemie AG

Gewerbestrasse 13

CH-4528 Zuchwil



Tel: +41-(0)32-686 56 00

Fax: +41-(0)32-686 56 90



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