Netherlands Flag
Country Netherlands
Acronym of Organization SVN
Full Name of Organization Sterilisatie Vereniging Nederland
Phone 0031-412-202950

Institution Name Sterilisation Association of the Netherlands
Street / No. Floraliastraat 52
Postal Code 5342 BK
City Oss

Number of Members 750

President Mark Meertens
Phone No. of President 0031-6 50008370
Further contact person(s)
Ilonka van Kasteren
0031-6 11197054

Further Information

Sterilization Association of the Netherlands (SVN) was founded in 1969 and we have access to large reservoirs of knowledge within hospitals and among suppliers and stakeholders.

There is no doubt that the sterilization of medical devices has become considerably more refined within the last fifty years. We are proud of innovations that we have achieved with regard to equipment and processes, as well as in relation to the human element.

SVN  recognizes the benefits of international cooperation: namely, remaining abreast of developments and sharing knowledge. The Netherlands has every right to be proud of its own progress in development and research, but also needs to broaden its horizon, and to remain open to input and feedback from international colleagues. To this end, the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences (WFHSS) is an excellent worldwide venue that aims to promote knowledge concerning the sterilization of medical devices.

Along with the position of employees, the association supports the importance of the sterilization process, and also contributes to field norms.

Cooperation at national and international levels has proved to be a significant prerequisite with regard to achieving transparent innovative improvements.