Bulgaria Flag
Country Bulgaria
Acronym of Organization BulNoso
Full Name of Organization Bulgarian Association for Infection Prevention and Control

Institution Name Bulgarian Association for Infection Prevention and Control
Street / No. "Bialo more" 8
Postal Code 1527
City Sofia

Number of Members 594

President Assoc. Prof. Rossitza Vatcheva-Dobrevska, MD, PhD,MPH
Phone No. of President +359 2 94 32 546; 359 882 53 95 65
Further contact person(s)
Assoc. Prof. Nina Gatcheva, MD,PhD
+359 886 32 12 86

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7th National Seminar – BulNoso Academy

 Sofia, 20-21 June 2019

Dear colleagues and friends,

The main purpose of the Bulgarian Association for Prevention and Infection Control “BulNoso” is to provide information on European standards and innovation to a wide range of experts from clinical and preventive  medicine necessary for their professional development. For its information and training purposes BulNoso maintains the website www.bulnoso.org, the BulletinNosocomial Infections”, the National Congress with international participation and the National

Seminar – BulNoso Academy.

Traditionally, the main topics of the nosocomial infection surveillance as well as the implementation of complex measures to prevent the healthcare-associated infections,  are under discussion  during the working sessions of the seminars, and the company’s exhibition  illustrates recent advances in methods and technologies for development and use of products to ensure hospital hygiene, disinfection and sterilization.

In 2019, the scientific programme will be focused on two main topics:

  • First part of the programme presents in short the core concepts of infection control in hospitals: from universal precautions and antibiotic policy to bundles approach; this part is aimed at improving the Infection Committees regular functions;
  • Second part is focused on central sterile supply in hospital practice; all stages of the process are included. This part of the programme aims to help the CSSD teams in their education and training and will be supported by experts of WFHSS.

7th National Seminar BulNoso Academy will continue to support the WHO Initiatives „Global Patient Safety Challenge”

The Seminar will be hosted by University Hopital “St. Anna” Sofia, an example of successful combining the best traditions with the progress in introduction of the European healthcare standards.

On behalf of the Organizing committee of 7th National Seminar BulNoso Academy and the BulNoso Board we would like to invite all of you who are interested to obtain and share scientific and practical knowledge within the different topics of this forum, to join us for BulNoso 2019 at the conference hall of the University Hospital “St. Anna” in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nina Gatcheva                                                                   Assoc. Prof. Dr                                                                                    Rossitza Vatcheva

Honorary President                                                                                                                                               BulNoso President and

                                             Chair of the Organizing Committee