Secado manual del instrumental quirúrgico

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Estimados, buenas noches:
Me presento, soy Pamela Garcia, enfermera supervisora de la central de esterilización en un hospital público en Chile.
Mi pregunta es acerca de la importancia que tiene el secado manual del instrumental una vez termo desinfectado, previo al armado de la caja quirúrgica.
Quedo atenta a sus respuestas.
Un cordial saludo desde Chile.

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Posted by Pamela Garcia (Chile) (Questions: 1, Answers: 0)
Asked on August 23, 2020 9:24 am
Private answer

Dear Pamela!
After disinfection process in a lot of WD all instruments passing dry process. After drying process biggest part of water must to be remove. However on some parts of lumens and channels (if you are not connecting it with MIS rack) water can be collecting. In a lot of standards write that we should pack instruments without of humidity. You can use air pistol with compressed air or napkin from non woven (not textile) materials to remove water residuals. However if you will use air pistol in clean zone you should prevent water fog generation (aerosol) – use closed box, like bacteriological, box.
You can’t use textile napkin because textile dust can contaminate instruments.

Hope it’s help.
Petr Demidov, Moscow, Russia

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Posted by Petr Demidov (Russia) (Questions: 0, Answers: 38)
Answered on October 26, 2020 6:25 am
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